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Low Budget Travel in Ireland

6 Travel Tips That Will Save You Money

Ireland is certainly not a cheap country for travel or living. You can end up spending a lot of money very quickly if you are not careful. But Ireland on a budget can for sure be done and you can still experience the beauty and magic of this charming country. So here are my top tips for low budget travel in Ireland.

6 Tips For Budget Travel In Ireland

1. Travel Off Season

If you are not dependent on school holidays you can choose your travel dates to avoid the main season. Accommodation during the off-season is much more reasonable. Holiday houses, for example, can be booked for much less money if you can avoid the months of June, July and August. The same applies for car rental and flights. In general flights with Ryanair (if you are traveling from Europe) are cheap but if you avoid holidays and are flexible in your timing you can travel for as little as 10 or 20 Euros.

2. Saving Money On Accommodation

Accommodation can easily be the biggest expense of you trip. So some research into this is important if you are on a budget for travel in Ireland.
Hostels are a great option for reducing the cost of your trip. Every bigger town in Ireland will have several hostels to choose from and you will find one even in most smaller villages. Some hostels start with 10-12 Euros per night for a dorm room. Most of them also have double and family rooms available. They even include a light breakfast for that price usually!
Renting a holiday house for a week if you are a group of people can be cheaper than a B&B or hotel. Particularly for families with children or groups of several people, this could be a significant saving.
Here is another budget travel tip for you: carry a small tent and go camping. There are very good campsites in many places or you might be able to get permission to camp in somebody's backyard. But please always ask permission first!

3. Cook yourself!

Eating out in Ireland can be expensive if you like good quality food. Hostels often have a kitchen you can use for cooking meals. Holiday houses also have kitchens that are well equipped with everything you need to cook a delicious dinner.
Buy a nice piece of fresh fish in the local fish shop or some nice Kerry lamb from the butchers and I am sure you will have great Irish meal you won’t forget! You would pay a lot more for that in a restaurant…

4. Use Public Transport Instead Of Renting A Car

Busses and trains connect all the bigger towns in Ireland. Travelling by public transport is great for low budget travel In Ireland. With an Open Road Ticket, you can use the public bus service all over the country.

5. Rent A Bike

If your budget doesn’t allow for hiring a car you can rent a bike instead. Cycling is a great way to explore Kerry in detail and reach those hidden gems that are not connected by public transport.

6. Visit FREE Attractions

A lot of attractions in Kerry are free for visitors. You don’t have to pay an entry free to see local monuments like ring forts, castles or standing stones. A visit to the beach is also free as are the spectacular views! Hiking and walking also cost nothing and is great fun.

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