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Essential Tips For Bus Travel In Ireland

If can’t afford or just don’t want to hire a car in Ireland bus travel is the next best thing. Buses connect most bigger towns and villages but be aware that in the more remote areas of Kerry there might be only one or two buses a day. All the bigger towns and cities are well connected and it is very easy to get to Killarney or Tralee by bus.

A disadvantage of bus travel in Ireland is that you are not very flexible and are dependent on the bus schedule. It is hard to get to remote places and exploring areas in more detail is hard.

Bus Travel Ireland - How To Get from Dublin To Kerry

You have booked a flight to Dublin, but you would like to spend your holiday in Kerry? Not a problem. Dublincoaches connects Dublin including the airport to Killarney and Tralee via their M7 Express service. These modern buses are very comfortable and have free wifi. The current fare for this trip is a very reasonable 20 Euros one way.

Getting Around Ireland By Bus

Bus Eireann connects all the major towns and villages with their bus service. Use the Bus Eireann website to plan and book your trip. Here is a map overview for their network. You can book a ticket online or pay on the bus.

Special Tip: Getting around to scenic places and attractions without a car can be difficult whereas travel by bus between towns and villages is no major problem if you plan ahead. But…most every town in Kerry has a place where you can hire bikes for reasonable money. This gives you the necessary mobility to explore areas in more detail and you won’t miss all the beautiful spots.

Tourist Travel Pass - Low Budget Travel Made Easy

Bus Eireann offers an open road ticket for its nationwide bus service. This is a great opportunity to travel Ireland without a car and on a budget. This ticket allows you to use the buses for 3 full days out of 6 for 60 Euros. You can add on additional days for 15 Euros per day. This is a great way to get around the country for little money. You can hop off and on the coaches all over the country and explore e.g. the Wild Atlantic Way along the west coast of Ireland.

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