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County Kerry Ireland

10 Reasons To Visit County Kerry For Your Ireland Vacation

I am living in Kerry for nearly 20 years now and I am still not bored with this beautiful county. We still discover more wonderful beaches, climbs, tours, valleys...we find new pubs and restaurants in remote places. The changeable Irish weather always casts a different light on the spectacular landscape..how could you ever get bored with that?

Here are some of my reasons why you should consider visiting County Kerry in Ireland:

Beautiful Scenery and Landscapes

County Kerry offers nearly everything: stunning sandy beaches, rugged mountains, steep cliffs falling away into the wild Atlantic, beautiful lakes and rivers, forests and boglands. Take a tour along the Ring Of Kerry and you will see it all.

Irish Hospitality

The Irish are very warm-hearted and friendly people that welcome visitors. This is a place where you will meet real characters.

Irish Culture & Music

Ireland is world famous for its pub culture, Irish dancing and music. Enjoy with a pint of Guinness!

Irish History

Stone forts, standing stones, old castles, monasteries and abbeys...you stumble over ancient history everywhere in Kerry! There are lots of interesting things to explore...

Culinary Delights Everywhere!

Enjoy fresh seafood caught from the Atlantic: wild salmon, crab and lobster, scallops, mussels, prawns, ....which one is your favourite?
Kerry lamb and beef is also delicious! Handmade chocolates, ice creams, cheese, ...yum!

A Great Place for Families With Children

Kids just love the beaches no matter what the weather is like! Invest into a wetsuit if necessary. Summer camps are offered in a lot of places.

Hiking and Hillwalking

County Kerry Ireland is a spectacular destination if you love hiking. Walk the famous Kerry Way. It will lead you criss-cross through the Kerry mountains offering you spectacular views of the Atlantic coast.

Find hiking tips and hill walking tours here >>>

Love Watersports?

The Atlantic along the Kerry coast has lots to offer if you are into watersports: Sailing, surfing, kayaking, snorkeling, diving, water skiing. Equipment for hire and lessons are available in many places.

Explore Kerry By Bike

Loads of small coastal and mountain roads wait to explored by the adventurous cyclist. Find hidden beaches or mountain gaps that motorists just pass by and will never discover.

A Great Place For The Fishing Enthusiast

We got it all in Kerry! Lake, river, shore and boat fishing...it's your choice!

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