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Derrynane Beach And Caherdaniel

Derrynane Beach is probably one of the most breathtaking places in Ireland. A place full of natural beauty, history and wildlife you shouldn't miss on your visit!

Which is the most beautiful beach in Kerry? You guessed it....
We come to this beach for many years. In summer, it is one of the best places for sunbathing and it will get busy there if the weather is fine.
Fancy a bit of a walk?
Park your car at Derrynane House and walk out towards the beach. A walk along the dunes is particularly beautiful in late spring when all the wildflowers and orchids are in bloom.

Area Maps

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The Seashore Nature Trail

Learn about wildlife around the area. There is so much to be seen and learned! This is a great place for rare wild plants like orchids. Observe butterflies, toads, birds and marine life on this walk.
You can get guidance for this beautiful trail from an inexpensive mobile app that you can download from Google Play or the Apple App store. This very well done app explains history, geology and wildlife along the trail with 20 stops. Look up here for more info.

Visit Abbey Island

Abbey Island is on the western side of the beach and can be reached only at low tide. This is a magic place so don't miss a walk around the old graveyard and the ruins of the old abbey. The graveyard is still in use today. What a place to buried in! The coffins have to be carried across the beach...a very unusual location indeed!
To get to the western part of the beach drive through Derrynane park and keep left once you come out of it. Just follow the road until you reach the pier.


The shelter of the bay makes this place ideal and safe for any kind of watersports. Sailing, kayaking, surfing are great fun for kids and adults. You can also explore the marine fauna and flora through snorkeling or diving. Enquire at Derrynane Seasports for details. They are located near the pier. You can book courses, summer camps or hire equipment there.

Derrynane House And Garden

Gain some insights of local Irish history and visit this historic house. This was the residence of Daniel O'Connell also called The Liberator. He was a famous political leader in the early 18th century. The house is open for viewing.
The house is surrounded by a beautiful and very well kept garden.  Entry to the garden is free. This is a great place for garden lovers. You will see many exotic plants there including tree ferns, Rhododendron, palm trees and many unusual trees and perennials.

Horseriding On The Beach

What could top a gallop on a beach like this? Horse lovers shouldn't miss out on an opportunity like this! The great scenery of Derrynane will make this an unforgettable experience. You can book a trek with Eagle Rock Equestrian Centre.

Tired After A Walk On The Beach?

Need rest and some refreshments after all this activity? Call into the Blind Piper in Caherdaniel. This is a really authentic Irish pub with great atmosphere and good food. In the summer, you can sit outside in the large garden on rustic picnic benches. There is plenty of room for kids to play and run around too.

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