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Which Is The Best Ireland Weather Forecast?

If you are planning a trip in Kerry, you will be for sure interested in what the weather will be like. I will show you my favourite Ireland weather forecast with the most accurate predictions for Kerry.

For some trips like e.g. going to the Skellig Islands, it is essential to know if the weather is right for the tour.
Throughout the years, I have been looking at different weather forecasts and I have often been disappointed. They are often not very accurate and reliable. So take every forecast with a grain of salt...i.e. look out the window before planning your day! I have seen many people arrive here with fancy hourly weather apps... and I have tried many of them myself. The results are often not very satisfying. You might as well take a guess....
Now... do understand that the Irish weather is not easy to forecast because it is so changeable and dominated by Atlantic weather systems. These weather systems can arrive very quickly and often the forecasts are aimed for Dublin and not the coast of Kerry.
Let me explain that in a bit more detail. If the forecast is for rain in the afternoon coming in from the West and you are somewhere on the Ring of Kerry it could mean that it will start raining by late morning.
Long range forecast predicting the weather a week or more in advance might give an indication, but I would never rely on it 100%. Most of the time the next day forecasts are reasonably accurate particularly if you look at the regional forecast for the area.

So Which Is The Best Ireland Weather Forecast?

My favourite is Met Eireann, the Irish Meteorological Service. Their Ireland weather forecast is reasonably accurate. For the long range forecast check out this page. If you want to know what the weather will be like today or tomorrow in Kerry check here.

Weather Warnings

Really important for your safety is to check for weather warnings before you go hill walking and hiking in the Kerry mountains. Wind, fog and rain can be a very unpleasant and dangerous surprise! Check the latest weather warnings here  before you go on your tour.

Sea Area Forecast

Important for sailing and other boat tours is the sea area forecast. This detailed forecast will give wind speeds, weather and visibility for the Irish coastline. You can check it out here.

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