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The Irish Weather Season By Season

Everything you need to know about the Irish weather for travelling and planning your holiday in Kerry.

The Irish Weather In General

I want to give you an overview over the weather here so you can make an informed decision about what is the best time for you to come to Ireland. You will also know what to expect, but you can never take it as a guarantee. The weather in Kerry is far too changeable and often unpredictable. On top of that common weather patterns seem to shift and change because of the effects of global warming.

The main influence on the weather in Kerry is the Atlantic. It has a moderating effect on temperatures. You generally won't experience extreme high or low temperatures. Snowfall generally occurs further inland and in the mountainous areas of the country. Coastal areas have little to no snow.

Winter In Kerry, Ireland - December To February

This the darkest and wettest time of the year. The days are short. Stormy and wet weather is kind of the rule. If nights are clear and calm nights can get frosty occasionally. This can lead to dangerous conditions on roads because of unexpected black ice. Snow occurs rarely in Kerry.
Often times it is not recommended as a good time to visit Ireland. A lot of places like restaurants, B&B's, many services and tourist attractions are closed. The whole county seems to be in a state of hibernation except during the Christmas period. But if you like a quiet time and love reading a book beside a toasty turf fire with a cup of tea...this could be a very relaxing holiday. Apart from that renting a holiday house at this time of the year is much cheaper...just an idea...

Spring - March To May

Spring is probably the most beautiful time of the year wherever you are. The days are slowly getting brighter and temperatures are on the way up. As the sun gains more strength nature reawakens. The Irish weather can be very changeable around this time of the year. It can feel like summer one day and winter the next day.
Overall this is a great time to be here particularly if you can make it late spring. The tourist season hasn't really kicked off yet and the place is still quiet except at Easter. The Easter holidays are the first busy time and a lot of holiday houses and B&B's will be booked out. 

Summer - June To August

There is a quite common joke here in Ireland about the Irish weather. It goes somewhat like this: 'How do you know it's summer in Ireland?' Answer: 'The rain is getting warmer!' For some summers this is, unfortunately, true... it at least it feels like this! But..if we do get a good spell of weather in the summer this is probably one of the best places you could be. If temperatures rise above 20 C for three days in a row in Ireland it is called a heatwave. The nice thing is that it never gets too hot. There is always a cooling breeze from the sea and temperatures stay very bearable.
And yes..you can get badly sunburnt in Ireland. The breeze and it not being extremely hot make you underestimate the strength of the sun.
The evenings are really long and bright. Ideal for a walk on the beach in your bare feet...

Autumn - September To November

September and October are still great months to travel around Ireland. The main tourist rush of the summer months is over and popular roads like the Ring Of Kerry are much quieter. The light during this time of the year is much softer. Temperatures are still mild, but you will encounter more windy and wet weather as the season progresses.

If you would like more detailed weather data for Kerry you can check here.

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