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Muckross Lake Boat Tour In The Killarney National Park

One thing I wouldn't want you to miss out on is a boat trip on Muckross Lake. This trip will make your visit to Killarney National Park unforgettable!

The Muckross Lake Boat Tour

I happened to come across this boat trip on one of my visits to Muckross park. It was a beautiful and calm autumn afternoon and the reflections on the lake left me just speechless. Passing by the boathouse I saw the sign for the boat trip. The time on the boat house for the next trip was 16.45....that was only ten minutes! And although the park was quite busy on this beautiful afternoon there were only another two people waiting by the pier.

Tour Map

Boat Tour Video

Watch this short video about this magnificent boat trip.

After a short wait the boat arrived and our tour guide John explained the trip to us. We hopped into the boat and off we went!
We could not have picked a better day for this. The autumn sun was still warm and the light was amazing. John steered the boat along the Muckross Peninsula with its unusual limestone rock formations topped by a forest in autumn colours. This peninsula divides Muckross lake from the much bigger Lough Leane. Depending on the weather and rainfall the level of the lake can rise and fall quite rapidly which can be seen on the rocks. The acidic water of the lake has washed out interesting cave formations out of the limestone.

The tour took us across the lake to Dinis Island. There the boat entered the river. This spot is called 'The Meeting Of The Waters' because it connects the Upper lake with Muckross lake. Leaving the Old Weir bridge to our left we went up the river around Dinis Island. Pointing to forest on Purple Mountain John remarked that the rewilded eagles successfully reared a chick this year. We were only lucky enough  to spot a heron in the reeds. Still nice to know that they are there, though!

Leaving the river, we entered Lough Leane to come around the other side of the Muckross Peninsula. Coming through under the historic  Bricin bridge back into Muckross Lake is probably one of  the highlights of this boat trip.
Coming back to the boathouse after this 45-minute trip I was just so delighted about this stunning and enjoyable tour. It is well worth the cost of 10 Euros and John was a very pleasant and knowledgeable tour guide!

Tour Tips And Facts

  • Boats are leaving from Muckross boat house. Check sign for depature times.
  • pre-booking is not nescessary
  • bikes can also be transported up to Dinis Cottage. Take the cycle route back to Muckross park.
  • Boat trips run from late spring to autumn, weather depending.
  • You can call John or Gerry for more info: 
  • John: 00353-87-2789335
  • Gerry: 00353-87-1200420

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