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Valentia Island Bray Head Looped Walk

The Valentia Island Bray Head Loop Walk is a stunning hill walking tour to an old signal tower situated on steep cliffs overlooking the Skelligs and the Iveragh peninsula.

Bray Head is on the western side of Valentia Island. The walk will lead you up to an old signal tower that was built in 1815. It has been built on the edge of the cliffs...an amazing spot with fantastic views over the Skellig Islands, Portmagee and a large part of the Iveragh peninsula.

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Valentia Island Bray Head Looped Walk Description

This is a loop walk of moderate difficulty that shouldn't take you more than two hours. Follow the gravel road up to the signal tower. Don't forget to turn around and enjoy the beautiful views over the Iveragh peninsula as you climb up.
If you brought a snack or picnic the area around the old signal tower is probably the place for it. Take a break and enjoy this stunning location.

From the signal tower onwards the route will be a bit more difficult. The path will lead you up the cliffs. It can be a bit muddy and slippy so a pair of good boots is an essential piece of equipment for this hill walking tour. If you don't feel up for it just go back the way you came but you will miss out on the most beautiful part of the Bray Head looped walk.
Follow the well-marked path through gorse and wild heather. Make sure not to leave the path. The cliff to your left just drops away into the Atlantic...and at the top you will be about 239 m above sea level...

A word of caution: children should be well supervised around the signal tower and the cliffs!

Coming down the mountain, you will get a great view over Valentia Island and Valentia Harbour. The trail can be wet and slippery in places so take your time!

Bray Head Loop:

Length: 5 km
Duration: 2 hours
Highpoint: 210m at signal tower, 239 m on cliffs
Equipment: hiking boots, snack and water, raingear, mobile phone

How to get there:

Take the bridge in Portmagee to Valentia Island. Turn left after the Skellig Experience Center and follow the narrow road. Keep left and follow the signpost for Bray Head until you reach the car park. The trail is well marked and easy to follow.

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