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HIking And Hill Walking Tours In Ireland

Hiking and hill walking tours in Ireland are a great way to explore the beautiful countryside. Find essential tips and tours for walking in Kerry here.

Co. Kerry is a great place for hiking and hill walking. This way you can best explore the beauty of this magic place. Kerry has all sorts of  walking tours to offer.  Pick a tour that is suitable for your level of experience and fitness and you can't go wrong! You will be rewarded with a varied beautiful landscape, stunning views over mountains, lakes and the Atlantic ocean. The slow pace of a hike lets you experience the diverse fauna and flora along the way.

Looped Walks

Kerry has many looped walks that can easily be done within a few hours. These walks are well signposted and lead you through beautiful scenery. As the name implies they will lead you back to the place you left from and are ideal for short hikes. Check out this list for loop walks suitable for you.

Click on the images for detailed looped walks in Kerry.

Safety Tips For Hill Walking Tours in Ireland

Before you go hiking in Kerry, it is important to think of a few important things to ensure you come back safe and sound. Here are my hiking safety tips for you:

  • plan your trip in advance and make sure it is right for your fitness level and experience
  • tell someone where you are going and when you are planning to be back
  • plan to be off the mountains before it gets dark
  • bring a compass and a good map for longer tours
  • stay on the marked routes
  • check the weather forecast beforehand
  • appropriate clothing is essential: hiking boots, warm clothing and rain gear are a must
  • bring food and drinking water
  • bring a mobile phone and make sure it is charged. In an emergency call 999 or 112.

Hill Walking Do's and Don'ts

  • Your walking tours in Ireland will bring you across farmland with livestock. To keep the local farmers happy and pay respect to them allowing you to cross their land remember to always close gates properly behind you. Farmers get very angry if their sheep or cows escape.
  • Dogs are not permitted on most walks because of livestock.
  • Never leave any rubbish behind. Bring everything back with you and keep the landscape clean.
  • Don't throw stones down hills or mountains. They could injure other people or livestock.
  • Keep a safe distance to cows...they could turn out to be a bull...
  • Don't light fires on the mountains. They can get out of control and set the grass on fire in dry weather.
  • Ask for permission before you put up a tent somewhere.
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