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The Weather In Ireland And Kerry

The weather in Ireland can be changeable but it is never boring! You can have all seasons within a day. I guess if you have decided on coming to Ireland for your holiday you know that you can't always expect sunshine and dry weather. It is a well-known fact that the weather in Ireland is changeable and that you have to expect just about any weather within a day. The best approach to this is to just come prepared with the right clothes and don't expect sunshine and above 30 C every day!

Facts About The Weather In Ireland

The Irish weather is influenced by the Atlantic. This means that temperatures never get very high but they also never get very low. Along the coast inKerry, it is quite common to see exotic looking plants that you seldom see in mainland Europe. The maritime climate coupled with the gulf stream allows for a very mild climate, particularly along the coast. Frost and snow are a rare phenomenon here (and if it happens it causes chaos because nobody is prepared for it!). Instead, the weather can change quickly from rain to sunshine, mixed with wind, gale or fog.
The weather is almost always the start of a conversation at least here in Kerry. If you meet somebody in the street or the supermarket that is what will start the conversation. It is a very important subject and a great topic for small talk!

The Current Weather In Kerry

For planning the perfect holiday in Kerry you need a good weather forecast. But which is the best Ireland Weather forecast?

Which is the nicest season in Kerry? Find out more about the Irish weather.

How to prepare for the weather in Kerry:

  • Mentally prepare yourself to expect all sorts of weather....wind, rain and sunshine. Don't bank on a heatwave....
  • Bring the right clothes: weather-proof clothes are a must if you want to explore the outdoors in Kerry. Wind and rain proof jackets and maybe even trousers if you plan on a hiking trip, are essential.
  • You will really appreciate a hat that keeps your ears warm on a windy day!
  • A pair of waterproof boots or wellies always come in handy...
  • Umbrellas might be useful if you are planning a city trip away from the coast but are not very handy otherwise. Most of the time it is too windy, at least in coastal areas.
  • Bring the book that you always wanted to read just in case the weather gets really bad.
  • Don't forget to bring your shorts and swimming togs! The weather can be really nice too.

When is the best time to visit Ireland?

This is not any easy question to answer...but I will try anyway. One of my favourite times of year here is probably September. The main tourist season is over and we often (but not all the time!!) get a great spell of sunny and warm weather. If you are not tied to school holidays this would be my preferred time for a holiday in Kerry.
The next best time in my opinion is the end of May or June and, of course, the summer months. From the end of October up to March, the weather can be really changeable with high rainfall, sleet, wind and storms, especially in coastal regions.

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